Meet the Creators of Latter-Day Home

The fun about home design and interior decorating is how much the simple choice of a furniture piece, wall art, or even a throw pillow can say about the residents who live there. A decor piece can display personality, priorities, and meaning. It can spark up a conversation with a visitor and create an inviting atmosphere for all who gather there.

Ashlie and Owen Mortensen

Ashlie and Owen Mortensen

Ashlie and Owen Mortensen believe that home design and home decor should be stylish, functional, and also be a display of faith and belief. In 2013, the husband and wife team brought together their passions for art, home design and faith to launch Latter-Day Home. Ashlie runs the marketing side, Owen handles business operations, and they both work on the beautifully crafted product design.  

Owen Mortensen’s art background and impressive resume includes designing pieces for Crate & Barrel and Baker Home Furnishings as well as other national chains. He currently has an art studio in Logan, Utah where he continues working on original pieces in addition to his work for Latter-Day Home, according to an interview with Mountain Living Magazine. His inspiration, as he discusses in the article, comes from his experience growing up in the West.

Our goal is simple. We want to share our love for art, design, and faith in God with others.
— Ashlie and Owen Mortensen

“There’s a vastness to the West that you don’t experience in other parts of our country.” Owen says in the article. “I grew up in rural Utah, and being so close to the mountains and the land gave me the opportunity to get into nature and really appreciate it.”

Together with Ashlie, the couple aspires to create beautiful home decor that also shares what they believe in.  

“Our goal is simple,” the they say on their blog. “We want to share our love for art, design, and faith in God with others.”

In an article on LDS Living, Ashlie shares her philosophy for well-designed a home that also represents her beliefs.

“Beautiful paintings or photographs and inspiring quotes can remind us of our heavenly home and who we hope to become.” Ashlie said. “What better way to remind us of our divine goals than to fill our homes with things that inspire us and reflect those ‘gifts from above.’”

Ashlie continued in the article, “Bringing joy and life into our homes may be as simple as using them as tools to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.”

Bringing joy and life into our homes may be as simple as using them as tools to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.
— Ashlie Mortensen
Ashlie and Owen’s five kids.

Ashlie and Owen’s five kids.

True to their mission, Latter-Day Home offers a range of beautiful decor pieces that reflect faith, family, and love in their themes. A welcoming throw pillow with the phrase “Hope All Things” will brighten a living room; wall art with quotes like “Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever,” from Jeffrey R. Holland serves as a reminder to you and your family every day; and beautiful enamel bowls with the words “love” “hope” and “light” etched into the center are some examples of the ways the couple has weaved in hopeful messages to their decor pieces.

Not all of their products include phrases or quotes. For those looking for beautifully made pieces sans type, Latter-Day Home offers modern decor like comfy throw blankets, beautiful pillows and other items with fresh and welcoming designs.

In 2018, Deseret Book and Latter-Day Home started a collaboration to bring a line of their modern designs to Deseret Book customers. These unique pieces can be found in Deseret Book stores and They make the perfect addition to your home, and a beautiful Christmas, a house warming, or birthday gift.

Some of our favorite pieces are featured below, or see the entire collection on

Thank you Ashlie and Owen for creating such beautiful designs we love!

Calli Peterson