Deseret Book's Top Music of 2018

Music speaks in ways that words cannot. It is a language that is understood globally, and gives us a voice when we don’t know how to express ourselves. Not only can it help us relate to others, but it can connect us with our faith and spirituality.

In 2018, various Deseret Book artists crafted beautiful melodies and harmonies to motivate listeners through life’s challenges. With their unique sounds, each artist reminded us that strength, peace, and happiness can be found despite our setbacks and difficulties as we rely on the Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Word: A Nashville Tribute to the Bible by The Nashville Tribute Band

Songs written by lead songwriter Jason Deere and the other five band members show how Old Testament themes can relate to the modern day. They draw out some of the questions most dear to people of faith: What is our relationship to God? Will we stay or will we go when confronted with opposition or struggles? Recorded in Nashville by music industry veterans, this collection feels like a celebration of those who walked before and those who are striving now to walk the path of faith.

Believer by Calee Reed

Known for her powerful voice and emotive lyrics, Calee Reed has a personal approach to songwriting that is well-served by emotional performances on this contemporary Christian album. Calee’s latest release marks a new chapter in her career, a turning point from her previous albums that chronicled the death of her mother and subsequent trials and struggles. This album is a celebration of rising from the ashes, seeing life anew through the lens of faith, and becoming a more committed and joyful believer.

The Bonner Family by The Bonner Family

The Bonner Family’s debut EP features their expertly crafted vocal harmonies, soulful original songs, and a medley of beloved children’s hymns. This is music that creates an atmosphere of peace, unity, and joy from one of the most talented families working in Christian music today.

The Spirit of God by Jenny Oaks Baker

Grammy-nominated classical violinist Jenny Oaks Baker joins Emmy-award-winning composer Kurt Bestor to create a beautiful collection of classic hymns and spirituals. This album celebrates the spiritual roots found in well-loved melodies that have lifted the souls of believers through generations. An instant classic, this album is a peaceful, joyful, and stirring addition to your music library.

Tree of Life: Sacred Music of Mack Wilberg by The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square

Mack Wilberg is well-known as one of the most revered choral arrangers in the country. His work spans decades, and his tenure leading the The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square has produced countless recordings of incredible significance to the music community. This album celebrates Wilberg’s strengths as a composer with the premiere recordings of two extended works—The Prodigal and A Cloud of Witnesses—as well as new recordings of five compositions and three arrangements.

Hymns by GENTRI

Since they formed in 2014, GENTRI has had all three of their albums hit #1 on the Billboard Chart. The trio’s highly anticipated fourth album, Hymns, focuses on beloved sacred songs. Known for their stunning orchestral arrangements and cinematic approach to music, their take on spiritual classics like "Abide With Me," "Come, Thou Fount," and "Amazing Grace" is truly breathtaking. Surprisingly original and carefully crafted arrangements of favorites like "I'll Fly Away" and "Be Still, My Soul" are both peaceful and exhilarating.

Anymore by Madilyn Paige

Madilyn Paige matures into a fresh new pop sound on her follow-up to her debut self-titled EP. Her pitch-perfect vocal talent combines with progressive electronic and traditional pop production on this album. Keeping with the inspirational tone of her first album, this new effort shows Madilyn striking out with bold messages about positivity, self-worth, inner strength, and the dangers of comparing ourselves to others in a hyper social-media world.

Check out Madilyn’s newest video featuring David Archuleta!

Winter in the Air by David Archuleta

Singing sensation David Archuleta channels his contagious positive energy in a collection of Christmas favorites and originals that celebrate the true meaning of the season. Standout track, “Christmas Everyday,” brings to life the familiar hope and joy of wanting everyday to feel like Christmas. Winter in the Air also includes David’s inspirational original hit, “Glorious.”

A Merry Little Christmas by The The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square (featuring Sutton Foster & Hugh Bonneville)

The 2017 Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert features award-winning actress, singer, and dancer Sutton Foster and acclaimed British actor Hugh Bonneville, who join the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square and Orchestra at Temple Square for a spectacular, full-scale Christmas program that tugs at the heartstrings and bursts with the joy of the season.

Shay Sookhoo