Personal artifacts from President Nelson’s life on display at flagship store


In addition to a newly renovated layout, an abundance of products Latter-day Saints will love, and—perhaps most exciting to some—a new Crumbl Cookies, Deseret Book’s flagship store in downtown Salt Lake City is exhibiting, for a limited time only, four special keepsakes from the life of President Russell M. Nelson, all of which are also featured in the new book Insights from a Prophet’s Life, from author Sheri Dew.

Each prophet's mortal schooling is singular,” writes Sheri Dew. "In studying a prophet’s life, we see how the Lord molds, prepares, and tutors a man so that at the appointed hour, he is able, worthy, and ready to be His mouthpiece and to lead His people."


Until Father’s Day, walk through the front doors of the store and take a deeper look into President Nelson’s journey through a series of mementos, vignettes and photographs of important and meaningful moments throughout his life. See his navy R.O.T.C and army uniforms from his service as a young man, take a closer look at a cherished puzzle he put together with family members (one of his favorite hobbies) and picture yourself sitting at the same desk he spent many hours studying at during his days in medical school. These items and more help to paint a picture of the life he led and the journey he took on his way to becoming the current President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

One of the greatest gifts our Father and His Son have given us, and one of our greatest mortal safety nets, is the gift of a living prophet.
— Sheri Dew

Insights from a Prophet’s Life offers a unique and candid view at the life of President Russell M. Nelson, the seventeenth President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. From his upbringing to current day, this noteworthy new book invites readers to experience his life through hundreds of photographs and brief vignettes. Each lesson he learned along his way helped shape him into the man he is today and prepared him to lead for our day.


"The attempt of this book," Sheri Dew writes, "is not only to highlight signal events in President Nelson’s life . . . but, in particular, to examine major episodes from the life of the living prophet and extract the insights embedded in them. Some of these episodes in President Nelson’s life took place in a matter of minutes or hours; others spanned several years. I selected each episode either because he learned something or because we can learn something from him, or both. . . . Impressions, thoughts, learnings, and insights will vary with each person. Personal revelation is just that—personal. That you will learn from President Russell M. Nelson's life, though, is a given. It is certain."

Chelsea Oldroyd