How to use our newest study tools and gospel resources

Depending on your stage of life, current routine, and daily demands, finding a scripture study method or routine that works for you can be daunting. There is no one right way to study or learn more about the gospel, so we put together a list of new tools and ideas on how to fit them into your daily life.

Write your impressions in The Book of Mormon and New Testament Journals

If you’re anything like us, you’re wondering why we haven’t had these journals until now! We love the extra space in the margins for so many purposes. Note-taking, recording impressions, and doodling next to our favorite stories are some of our favorite ways to fill in those spaces. The best part about these journals is that there are so many applications for all types of readers.

We love this idea for an in-depth study from one reviewer:

“I found this addition a super great help to me!! In the past I have had to use a notepad to write down impressions, etc. Now, I still use a separate pad/notebook, however I can now write a note without losing my involvement in what I am reading. Later I can go back and expand on my thoughts in my notebook.” - Customer Review

Another reader bought the children’s edition and explained how her kids’ like to use it:

“My girls ([ages] 9 & 7) love these scriptures. They are so engaged when we read now because they are always looking for ways to use the stickers and for what they can write about the verses in the margins.” - Customer Review

Journal editions are currently available for the Book of Mormon and the New Testament.

Listen to the audio of Insights from a Prophet’s Life

Sheri Dew’s brilliant account of President Russell M. Nelson’s life is bestselling for a reason. After reading this book we felt like we knew President Nelson in a whole new and more personal way. It is such an approachable read too; there are a lot of photos and brief sections so you get little insights into his personality and the stories that shaped him.

"Each prophet's mortal schooling is singular," writes author Sheri Dew. "In studying a prophet's life, we see how the Lord molds, prepares, and tutors a man so that at the appointed hour, he is able, worthy, and ready to be His mouthpiece and to lead His people."

A popular way readers are enjoying this book is by listening to the audiobook version. It’s very easy to listen to on Deseret Book’s Bookshelf app, which you can download for free HERE.

Bookshelf PLUS, Deseret Book’s newest subscription service, has all of our digital audiobooks available and more than 2,500 eBooks available. The best part? Insights from a Prophet’s Life: Russell M. Nelson is available on PLUS as an audiobook! If you don’t have PLUS, no problem. You can sign up for a free 30 day trial!

We compiled a couple of reviews from a couple of readers who listened to the audio version of the book and posted a review on

“Not even 1/2 way through listening to it I was recommending it to several people. I sent a text saying, ‘this book will change your testimony. Not only your testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, but specifically of modern day revelation and our need for a prophet to lead and guide our church today!’ My love for President Nelson has been increasing since he was called as our prophet, and this book was a perfect addition to that testimony and love.” 5-Star Customer Review

“Loved listening to this book driving to and from work. Great insights and ways God has prepared this man to lead the church. Inspired me to be a better person and live a better life.” - Customer Review

Find Defenses for the scriptures with A Case for the Book of Mormon

If you’ve been hearing critics of the Book of Mormon coming in from all angles, you are definitely not alone! It can be daunting to feel like you need to defend the Book of Mormon as well as an academic or historian would be able to. Tad R. Callister presents defenses for some of the most recent critiques of the Book of Mormon plus more evidences that the Book of Mormon is true. This is a great way to study in a new way.

Reviewers are using the book to strengthen testimonies, and are even suggesting it as a great read for future missionaries:

“An excellent book that would help anyone with an open mind gain a testimony or strengthen his or her testimony. Well written and well researched.. this book will bring the spirit of Christ into an open and inquiring mind. It touches the heartstrings.” - Customer Review

“A great book for future missionaries to study before entering the mission field.” - Customer Review

A much-discussed topic right now is women and the Priesthood. With a sensitive issue like this and so many opinions floating around, we wanted to be sure and provide some resources to help members gain some understanding around the topic. This book from Wendy Ulrich is a faithful and faith-promoting take on this important conversation. We recommend this as a way to dive deeper into this gospel topic. Use this book as a reference guide, one you can refer back to when the need arises.

“This book was so refreshing as it took me on a path to better understand each office in the Priesthood, and it demonstrated how the Savior exemplified that role in His life and teachings. Wendy then goes a step further and likens this to all members, and women, in terms of how we can experience and already experience the great power in our lives. This is the kind of book you want to go back to for reference when teaching your family, in Church or preparing a talk. She goes deeper and aligns the principles in a very personal way for us to experience and feel closer to God and our [Savior].” - Customer Review

Find family study time with The Book of Mormon Family Reader

Sometimes finding the time for scripture study as a family is harder than the actual study. We get that. We’ve been there! That’s why we want to highlight this Book of Mormon Family Reader. Tyler McKeller has taken the text and organized it into short, 5-minute sections that include accompanying discussion questions. So basically, you can have a five-minute discussion for your study and still feel like you really got something out of your time.

“I really like this book for a lot of reasons. I like the explanation and the questions at the end of end section. It is a great set-up and has helped us retain what we are studying. I also very much appreciate that the scriptures are unmodified and are straight from the Book of Mormon. We have struggled in the past to really get our kids to understand during scripture study, but this has helped so much!” - Customer Review

Even though it’s called a “Family Reader”, many readers also like to use this tool for personal study.

“I have been using this as part of my personal scripture study. I love that it introduces it with a brief summary and ends with some insightful questions that I answer in my scripture journal. This is truly a great addition to any scripture study program. I love it!” - Customer Review

Chelsea Oldroyd