10 Ideas for Missionary Packages

Sending your missionary off to serve or sending him or her a package in the field is no simple task. There are about a million potential things missionaries could need or want, but when the time comes, your mind goes blank. After returning home from our missions, some of us have reflected on what we wish we’d had during our missionary service. Whether your missionary is about to leave or you're sending off a package, here at 10 things your missionary will thank you for.

  1. Plan of Salvation Multi-Wood Puzzle

This multi-wood puzzle can be used as a missionary teaching tool to teach the plan of salvation. It comes in eight different languages to help missionaries learn how to teach the plan of salvation simply in their mission language in a clear and visual way.


2. Reusable Water Bottle

Make a difference to your health and to the environment. This collection of reusable stainless steel water bottles is the perfect companion for daytime adventures or even as a staple at the office. Keeping cold drinks cold or hot beverages hot for up to 12 hours, these sturdy drink bottles hold up to 16 ounces and are 4 from top to bottom so they pack away nicely into your backpack or handbag - ready to take with you wherever you go.


3. Compact Sewing Kit

This compact sewing kit is portable and well-organized. The kit contains scissors, thread tweezers, thread, buttons, needle threader, needles, and safety pins in a small, see-through case. It’s ideal for keeping in a backpack, suitcase, purse, glove box, or any other place where your missionary needs quick access to sewing supplies.


4. 24-Month Calendar

Both during and after a mission, this keepsake calendar is ideal for missionaries. Richly illustrated with the work of acclaimed artist Greg Olsen, each of the 24 pieces of art is paired with an inspiring mission-related scripture. And since you fill in the dates yourself, milestones, goals, baptisms, birthdays, and transfers can be added to match individual mission service.


5. Bicycle Repair Kit

This do-it-yourself bicycle repair kit includes a set of six Allen wrenches, a patch repair kit, two metal tire levers, glue, a buffer, and a bone tool. This is honestly a must-have for missionaries in biking areas, and they (and their companions) will thank you immensely when they are dealing with a flat tire in the rain!


6. Personal Emergency Kit

This Personal Emergency Kit comes in a cute, quilted metallic bag and contains a wide assortment of personal emergency items. The kit includes cotton swabs, elastic bands, hair ties, bandages, an emery board, tweezers, scissors, antiseptic wipes, and a miniature sewing kit. You will receive either a gold or silver assorted bag. Unfortunately, we do not have the option of letting customers pick which color option they want at this time.


7. A Note From The Elders/Sisters

Give your missionaries the tools to express their gratitude and testimony to members, returning members, people being taught, and others they are serving—as well as friends and family back home! This pack includes 10 note cards and 10 envelopes. This would make the perfect gift your elder or sister will use often.


8. Durable Belt

Your missionary is going to need a good, sturdy belt. No more stretched holes! These high-quality leather belts are less likely to crack than traditional belts. Mission Belts are constructed with a durable nylon strap and a matte-finish buckle. And what makes a Mission Belt unique is its track system—it’s a no-holes belt and will definitely last through the wear and tear of a mission!


9. Journal Filled with Recipes From Home

Nothing cures homesickness like a home-cooked meal! Compile a journal filled with your missionary’s favorite home-cooked meals. Not only will this be a little piece of home while missionaries are away, but it will teach them a lot of life skills, like meal preparation. Choose from a wide selection of journals that will suit your missionary.


10. Scripture Markers

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is often missed. Scripture study is a major part of missionary work. Being able to write in the margins and mark significant scriptures is important. These Fineliner Markers have a super-fine, metal-clad clip with an ergonomic triangular barrel for fatigue-free writing. These must-have markers are dry safe, meaning the cap can be kept off for two days without the marker drying out.

Shay Sookhoo