Rome, Italy Temple Dedication

The Prophet and the Pope

President Nelson met with Pope Francis on March 9, 2019; the first ever meeting between a Latter-day Saint prophet and prominent leader of the Catholic faith. After the historic meeting in Vatican City, he and Elder Ballard discuss the many commonalities between the two faiths, especially the focus on service and ministering one on one.

My Witness

When President Russell M. Nelson was called to be the prophet, Wendy Nelson received a sure witness for herself that he was indeed called of God to lead the Church in this day. She shares how her unique role has given her insight into how her husband receives messages and revelation from the Lord.

Unity in Rome

Sheri Dew’s behind the scene look into a historic photo taken of all twelve apostles and the first Presidency at the Rome temple teaches us all a lesson about the feelings among the brethren. As the first time that all 15 of these men have been outside of the United States together, the photo op in the rotunda of the visitors’ center at the newly dedicated Rome Italy Temple was an important moment. President Nelson’s desire and interest in a photo of all of the men together show his commitment to and importance of unity from the leadership of the Church.

The Brotherhood of the Brethren

Members of the Twelve Apostles share the love and appreciation they have for each other and emphasize how strong the bond of brotherhood is among the group. President Nelson declares that the Lord had a hand in bringing all 15 members together to the dedication of the Rome Italy Temple.

How a new Christus Statue got to the Rome Italy Temple

Deseret News explores the historical significance of the replica of the Christus statue and original Twelve Apostles now standing at the Rome Italy Temple. Learn how the first replica was brought to Salt Lake City and about the parallels between the original statues in Copenhagen and new display in Rome.

Sarah Higley